Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grapevine, Texas

Hey Y'all! Thank you to all who visited our booth, and made our weekend a great one!
Here are the Make & Take pictures of what we had at the Scrapbook Expo Convention.

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  1. hi! I bought three make and take sets a few months ago at the expo at anaheim, the first two were totally amazing but 1 of the sets weren't displayed at your booth.. I was just convinced that it would match the other set that I got.. I've been browsing thru the pictures here but I couldn't find it... I think the name of the set that was displayed is "you are so handsome" and the set that I honestly don't have any idea how to do it is called "you are so special" maybe... I really wanna start making it already.. at least a picture would really help..thank u so much!