Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink.. Loves.. Brown...

1) Pink Card Stock- Tear ONLY the top edge of your polka dot Decor Fabric- place that on the bottom half of your page.
2) Placing a long strip of double sided tape in the center of the decor fabric all the way across. Now I can use my beautiful brown ribbon- Start from one corner and fold little chunks until you reach the other end.
3) FLOWERS! Using your scalloped edge crepe paper- scrunching the bottom edge until round- glue the edge of the petals together and you have your flower! Do the same for the other two flowers, place them onto your page.
4) Glue your pearls and your all done!

Green Polka Dot- Butterfly Trail

1) Green Card stock- First place your moss green Polka Dot Decor Fabric onto your page.
2) Cut out 3 scallops on your Brown Splatter Mesh- place that on the left side of your page.
3) Using your round BLING and the copper Leaf Ribbon- hoop the green bling through your ribbon all the way through.
4) Now Assemble the Butterflies! *)One large green and small white *) one small green and one small white *) One large White and one small green
Layer all your pieces together and you should have 2 large butterflies and 1 small.
5) Cut out 3 pieces of the green wired trim. Fold one in half in a shape of a V and curl the ends and place it underneath your butterfly for your Antennas. Do the same for the other 2 butterflies.
6) Glue the pearl string in the middle of your butterflies! 4 goes on the large butterflies and 3 goes on the small butterflies. Place them onto your page and your all done! :)

1) Blue Card Stock- First place your fancy Decor Fabric to your page.
2) Using your Crepe, cut out 3 scallops just on top. Glue that across your page.
3) Glue or Staple your Crazy Mesh across your page.
4) Same thing with your Brown Leaf Ribbon, you can either use glue or staple (because it won't show, you will be covering it with BLING and your flower on the left)
5) Now the fun part! Using your wired ribbon peek out the wire from ONLY the bottom on both ends. Holding both strands (don't let go) slowly pull the wire away from the ribbon untill you can't anymore. Then you just need to play with it till it's a shape of a flower.
6) Glue the beautiful flower onto your page, add bling and your all done! :)

Vintage Butterfly!

Vintage Butterfly Make & Take! This was a popular one, it was made with out "Deco Fabric" which is the blue background, and underneath is a strip of our brown splatter mesh, and right above is our  blue and gold crazy mesh! The butterflies are die cut with our "Crepe Paper" and "Splatter Mesh" all we did was run both fabrics through the Sizix Die Cut Machine and got our butterflies, just layer it together and you have your beautiful, different, textured butterflies!

Mother's Day Love

1) Pink Card Stock- Pink leaf Decor Fabric
2) Pink Jute mesh straight across (strip couple strands from the top of your fabric- this will be used for the center of your heart)
3) Using the light and dark pink PAPER BLOOM flowers, glue the flowers into a heart shape onto your page.
4) While assembling the heart, use the couple strands from the Jute Mesh and tuck it under one of the flowers on the left corner of the heart.
5) Place the 3 green leaves on the bottom right corner in a shape of a triangle.
6) Using the round pearl string, use 4 and twist the wires together to make a shape of a circle or flower.
7) after gluing the pearl string to your page now you can now place your 3 light pink paper blooms and right below 2 dark pink paper blooms, and then your all done! :)

Cute as a BUTTON!

1) Green Card Stock
2) Moss Decor Fabric (placed by using "Double sided tape" on all four corners)
3) Natural Burlap placed right across the page
4) Along with the brown ric-rac ribbon
5) 3 green leaves on the right bottom corner
6) now the fun part, place your felt flowers and butterflies to your page, like in the picture.