Friday, May 13, 2011

1) Blue Card Stock- First place your fancy Decor Fabric to your page.
2) Using your Crepe, cut out 3 scallops just on top. Glue that across your page.
3) Glue or Staple your Crazy Mesh across your page.
4) Same thing with your Brown Leaf Ribbon, you can either use glue or staple (because it won't show, you will be covering it with BLING and your flower on the left)
5) Now the fun part! Using your wired ribbon peek out the wire from ONLY the bottom on both ends. Holding both strands (don't let go) slowly pull the wire away from the ribbon untill you can't anymore. Then you just need to play with it till it's a shape of a flower.
6) Glue the beautiful flower onto your page, add bling and your all done! :)

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