Friday, May 13, 2011

Green Polka Dot- Butterfly Trail

1) Green Card stock- First place your moss green Polka Dot Decor Fabric onto your page.
2) Cut out 3 scallops on your Brown Splatter Mesh- place that on the left side of your page.
3) Using your round BLING and the copper Leaf Ribbon- hoop the green bling through your ribbon all the way through.
4) Now Assemble the Butterflies! *)One large green and small white *) one small green and one small white *) One large White and one small green
Layer all your pieces together and you should have 2 large butterflies and 1 small.
5) Cut out 3 pieces of the green wired trim. Fold one in half in a shape of a V and curl the ends and place it underneath your butterfly for your Antennas. Do the same for the other 2 butterflies.
6) Glue the pearl string in the middle of your butterflies! 4 goes on the large butterflies and 3 goes on the small butterflies. Place them onto your page and your all done! :)

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