Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Love

1) Pink Card Stock- Pink leaf Decor Fabric
2) Pink Jute mesh straight across (strip couple strands from the top of your fabric- this will be used for the center of your heart)
3) Using the light and dark pink PAPER BLOOM flowers, glue the flowers into a heart shape onto your page.
4) While assembling the heart, use the couple strands from the Jute Mesh and tuck it under one of the flowers on the left corner of the heart.
5) Place the 3 green leaves on the bottom right corner in a shape of a triangle.
6) Using the round pearl string, use 4 and twist the wires together to make a shape of a circle or flower.
7) after gluing the pearl string to your page now you can now place your 3 light pink paper blooms and right below 2 dark pink paper blooms, and then your all done! :)

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